CHW application seems duplicative with Organizational Summary and Capactiy

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CHW application seems duplicative with Organizational Summary and Capactiy

Post  smiller9326 on Thu Nov 29, 2012 3:24 pm

State the mission of the organization. and Please explain how your organization seeks to be diverse and inclusive in its operational functions.

These seem to overlap substantially with the Organization Capacity questions, should we include inforamtion in both? Or can we just choose to put it in one section?


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Repetitive question on CHW RFA (mission/inclusiveness/diversity)

Post  Admin on Thu Nov 29, 2012 3:41 pm

Hello- If you have enough characters to answer this in Org Capacity I would suggest that you answer it in both places. HOWEVER if you want to delete it from this section you may, as long as you have answered this sufficiently in the Org Summary field. As you can see below, the Org Capacity section for CHW applicants asks for much more than the mission so please answer #2 through #4 to the best of your ability.

Thanks for this feedback. We will delete question #1 from the narrative section of the RFA next year since it is already asked for in the Org Summary.

Organization Capacity (limit- 3,500 characters)
1. Mission statement and a brief statement of the organization’s goals and objectives.
2. Describe fiscal capability to manage the delivery of the proposed goals and objectives and ensure adequate measures for internal control of grant dollars.
3. What types of community interventions are utilized to recruit clients, including R/N screened individuals into your navigation program? Are these interventions research tested and considered a ‘best practice’, ‘recommended intervention’ or an ‘emerging best practice’? Have you successfully used these interventions in the past?
4. How does your organization prioritize inclusion and diversity and how is it demonstrated in your day-to-day practices?

Great question!

- Admin

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