Important Updates from Applicant Workshop

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Important Updates from Applicant Workshop Empty Important Updates from Applicant Workshop

Post  Admin on Wed Oct 03, 2012 5:02 pm

Hello everyone and thank you for attending the workshop.

Komen national HAS fixed the links to the RFA documents which failed to open yesterday. My apologies for not being able to open the RFAs. We cannot test this on our end so if you cannot open the docs please let us know!

Choose the correct CG under 'CG Opportunities' when applying.
CG Application 2013- CO102 CHW
CG Application 2013-B SCREEN
CG Application 2013- C TREAT

They removed the cover pages of the RFAs so the Insrtuction Pages are the ONLY place where you can see if you have the correct RFA. Please use designations above!

They are identical to the RFAs posted here: [Only admins are allowed to see this link]
Also on our website you will find:
- Applicant Manual (same as what you received at the workshop)
- Link to our Profile
- List of Discounted Prices of Education Materials for purchase from [Only admins are allowed to see this link]
- Authorized Signer Memo (to give to the person who will need to register under GeMS)
- 2012 GeMS Applicant User Guide
- Komen Denver Grantee Applicant Q&A Forum link

We listened in on a GeMS update webinar for Affiliate Staff and learned a few things that were not shared before today.

1) You MUST HAVE YOUR A.S. (Approving Signature) register before you begin your application. So once you sign up as P.D., then we approve you, please assign up the AS ASAP...other users do not have to be assigned yet. PD can do everything on GeMS, inlcuding writing the grant, you can begin the applicaiton process before your AS registers, but it will cause some clean-up issues on both ends- ours and yours. We cannot test this on our end since we are admin- and not applicants. Please let us know if your experience is different.

2) If an applicant/grantee chooses anything other than applicant or grantee when they register, the system will send the approval email to the AGA (Rhianon) instead of the Project Director (your org's representative). Please make sure you always register as 'applicant' or 'grantee' - this goes for ALL users in your org. They apparently opened it up and applicants CAN apply as a grantee if they are in fact, a current grantee- it will not make any difference to us for review, etc... but you must use one or the other and everyone at your org must use one or the other, too.

3) To upload additional documents that are NOT required on GeMS but ARE required in our RFA (like your IRS Form 990) you may upload additional required documents can be uploaded at the bottom of the "Project Budget Summary page" under 'Upload Required Financial/Insurance Documentation as outlined in the RFA'

4) Make sure you do not exceed the character limit then hit SAVE. It will not save anything- all will be lost. Another reason to use the RFA word doc as your template to check characters, etc..

Thanks for your patience everyone! We are gearing up for Sunday but will try to check the forum once a day this week. We will approve you within 24 hours on BUSINESS days. We will NOT be approving users on weekends.

Joanne & Rhianon

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