Treatment RFA MOU & Subcontractors

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Treatment RFA  MOU & Subcontractors Empty Treatment RFA MOU & Subcontractors

Post  hthurston on Thu Oct 23, 2014 11:10 am

Please provide Komen's definition of subcontractor status or whether you make a distinction between Treatment grant providers and subcontractors? Are MOUs expected for each provider and potential provider for Treatment grants? Thank you


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Treatment RFA  MOU & Subcontractors Empty treatment providers, subcontractors

Post  Admin on Sun Nov 02, 2014 8:16 am

The Affiliate understands that all of the people who provide some aspect of care that contribute to treatment expenses are not necessarily employees of hospitals or treatment centers. Some are third-party partners that have agreed to provide radiation, surgery, etc. at Komen or other reduced rates to Komen-eligible patients. The Affiliate also understands that these agreements may not always be in writing.

Komen treatment grants are provided with the intent of reducing or eliminating cost as a barrier to care among medically underserved women & men diagnosed with breast caner. This question is asked to provide more information to grant reviewers so they better understand how your organization has worked to ensure that bills from third-party providers will not suddenly become a barrier to completion mid-treatment, causing Komen-eligible populations to discontinue treatment because of real or perceived fear of treatment expenses.

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